The change from New to Active should occur automatically when the product has a Name, a SKU and a Barcode/UPC. If one of these 3 items is missing it will show up in the New list. Click the name of the product to open it's details and see which of these items are missing. If it has all three you can select the product in the list and use the drop down to select "Active". This should refresh the product and update the status.

Orders appear in the Action Required list when they have New items in them or when one of their items has a quantity of 0. Once all of the items in the order are Active and have a quantity of 1 or more the order should move to the Awaiting list. After making changes you can update an order's status by selecting it from the Orders list and choosing Awaiting from the status drop down. 

For full details on Order and Product statuses please see this article.