Any barcode value in GroovePacker can be printed as a scanable barcode right from the product page. Open the product page by clicking the product name in the products list.

 If there are multiple barcodes saved for the product the first in the list will be printed. To print another barcode simply drag and drop it so it appears first. The first barcode is considered your "primary" barcode which is the one displayed in other areas of the app.

 If you do not see a tab open with the barcode after clicking the icon please check your browser URL bar. If there is a "blocked popup" icon you may need to click it to enable pop ups for your GroovePacker domain.



Printing 1 of every barcode for labeling bins

The method above is the way to go when you want to print 1 or hundreds of barcode labels for 1 product or a handful of products. However, if you just need 1 barcode label for a large category of items, or every item in your inventory, the method above will be excruciatingly slow.

For these occasions, we have another option that allows you to print barcodes for a large selection of items at once. We use an order to specify which items. This gives you a couple options. 

Method 1

The first is ideal for smaller categories of items and might be used when adding 20 or so items to your catalog. Here's how it works:

In your online store, create a mock order.

Add each of the items that you would like to print barcode labels for.

The quantity of each item will determine the number of labels printed for that item.

Import this mock order into GroovePacker, just as you would any other order.

All set, now jump down below to the section "Printing Product barcodes from an order".

Method 2

In this method we'll use a CSV file to add the products to an order. This method is ideal when you want to print product barcodes for every item in your inventory or large categories of items. Here's how it works:

We'll need a CSV fie with 3 columns:

- A mock order number: This can be anything you like. If you are importing a category you might use the category name and the date as the order number like: TOYS-04-10-2019. This same order number will appear on every row that you have a product SKU, all the way to the bottom.

- The SKUs you would like to print barcodes for: Each row will have 1 SKU. If you're looking for a quick way to get a list of every SKU you have in GroovePacker you can
use this export.

- The quantity of barcode labels printed for each SKU: The number in the 3rd column will determine how many of each of the barcode labels are printed for each product. If you are printing 1 label for every product, you guessed it, this column will be all ones. Just like the order number, you'll need to have a quantity on every row that you have a product SKU.

*A special note for users printing more than 1000 barcode labels at a time: Some memory is needed for each label that is printed. Depending on your system, you may see slow performance and other trouble when trying to print large quantities of labels. One quick fix is to split the products between multiple orders. This would be done by changing the Mock order number. Each unique order number will represent another mock order and those labels will be printed separately. For example, let's say you wanted to print 1 label for each of 2000 products. You would put all 2000 SKUs in the SKU column, but in the Order number column, you would give the first 1000 rows a different order number than then next 1000 rows.  

 Printing Product barcodes from an order 

Once your mock orders import and appear in GroovePacker, printing the barcode labels is quite easy. Locate the order in the orders section. Click any blank area in the row of the order to select it (the row will turn green). Now, from the Printing drop down menu, above the order list, select the "Print product barcode label" option. Allow a few moments for the labels to be generated, more time if there are many. If nothing happens please be sure pop-ups are not being blocked by chrome.