The Click Scan feature in GroovePacker allows you to click the SKU of the item during scan and pack to emulate a successful product scan.

It is easy to confuse with the "Skippable" option that designates gifts or promotional items that are not critical to the shipment. Skippable items are actually removed from the order when they are skipped. A click-scan is more like visually verifying the item and saying "yep, I'm putting it in the box".


Click-scans are ideal for items that are not barcoded yet or for damaged or missing barcodes. 

Please note that in order to click scan an item, the item will still have to have a barcode value assigned. So even while the item may not have a physical barcode label that can be scanned, some value must be saved as it's "barcode", even if it is just a placeholder. This is as easy as copying the SKU and pasting it in the barcode field. If you have many that will be done this way the "generate barcode from SKU" option can be used to quickly generate a barcode value from the SKU for many items. 

A Click-Scan Barcode

It is also possible to use an Action Barcode to perform a click-scan. Here, "click" scan is a misnomer since the scanner is used to scan a generic CLICKSCAN barcode.  It works great just the same. The option to enable the click-scan barcode can be found in Settings> System > Scan & Pack > Scan Actions. The barcode can be printed there by clicking on the printer icon.

Kathy Clicks-a-Lot

Since there is a potential for this feature to be abused you can disable it for all products or on a product by product basis.

We recommend leaving it enabled and reviewing your daily scanning email report to see if the feature is being used improperly.

For additional information on setting this option on a product by product basis please see this article.