This video and article demonstrate how you can use your sku as a barcode. Many people think you'd have to have a registered UPC code in order to scan items - but that's thankfully not true! Depending on your format, any alphanumeric sku can be used as a barcode in GroovePacker. Let's show you how. 

Process for Single Item

1. Open up the individual product from a list.

2. Select the sku, copy it.

3. Save as barcode by pasting into the barcode section.

Process for Multiple Items

Or - for several (or several hundred) products:

1. Select them in list view, 

2. Hit 'edit,' 'generate barcode from sku'

Printing Barcodes

Now, you can print the barcodes to attach to products for scanning.

1. Click to print via the printer icon. 

Note: The system will print the barcode that is on the far left of the presented barcodes, if there are more than one - which is the 'primary barcode.' You can simply drag and drop the barcodes that are listed, and bring one to the far left in order to make it the new primary.

2. A pdf is generated after clicking on this button, and you can now print in your browser or on your computer. Hit ctrl+p and select the appropriate printer, and then print!

Note: The label size is 1x3 - convenient for barcoding.