GroovePacker can connect directly to Shopify to import or update product data. 

Importing orders that contain new items (items not already in GroovePacker) will create those items automatically. This article explains when products are automatically created.

ProTip: When you are getting set up initially you may find that you have some products in Shopify that do not have a unique SKU and barcode assigned. You'll ultimately want a unique SKU and Barcode assigned not only to every product but every product variant as well. Adding this data prior to your first import will save you time. When GroovePacker finds an item or variant that has no SKU assigned it will assign a TSKU, which is a temporary SKU.

In many cases orders will be imported from ShippingEasy or ShipStation and the Shopfiy connection will be set to "Inactive" to avoid importing orders from both sources.

Even while the order import is inactive you can still utilize the Shopify API to update your products. 

To begin you'll need to create a connection to your Shopify store if you have not done so already. If you are importing orders from an order manager please be sure to set the status of the Shopify connection to "inactive".

Next you'll click the "Import Product Catalog" button. By default this will import all products that were created or updated since the last time the product import was run. On the first run the full catalog will always be imported.

That's it! If you have a large product catalog please give it time to complete the import.