The Daily Packed Percentage list is a GroovePacker Pro feature that makes it easy to verify that your fulfillment team is meeting it's target ship times. It also makes it easy to spot and address specific orders that have exceeded the specified limits.

When enabled, the list can be found in the Dashboard on the "Daily Packed %" tab. Order packing data for the past 60 days will be calculated when the tab is clicked.

Once this is complete a list will be shown with the percentages for each target Ship Date. The targe Ship Date is the Order Date plus any offset that is specified using the "Processing time adjustment".

This time adjustment is an optional number of days that is expected to pass between the Order Date and the expected Ship Date. This adjustment is helpful in cases where orders require processing before fulfillment can begin. For example, if the order date is the 15th, and a processing time adjustment of 1 day has been set, then the ship date will be the 16th. If orders can often be shipped on the same day they are placed then the default value of 0 should be used.

The total number of orders that have been imported and are expected to ship on a given date are listed, as well as the total number of those orders that are unscanned.

For convenience, the percentage is calculated so you can easily see if it falls within your shipping target for that day.

When the list indicates that orders are outside of the target threshold you can generate a report listing each of these orders so the appropriate action can be taken. To do so, select one or more days by clicking on the row, to highlight it, then click the "Export" button.

The report including the selected days will be emailed to the addresses that are specified in the Daily Packed % section of the Backup and Export portion of the Settings. Settings > Backup and Export > Daily Packed %

If you would like to automatically receive a packing percentage report at a specific time each day that includes all unshipped orders, the report can be scheduled on this same page.