By default, packers can scan items in any sequence. As long as the item is in the order it can be scanned even if it is not the item that is currently suggested for scanning. This is usually preferred but there are circumstances when you may want to force to packer to scan the items in the suggested order or complete the scanning of kit items before moving on to other items.

You'll  find the Scanning Sequence option in Settings > System > Scan and Pack 

Any Sequence is the default.

Force Suggested Scan Sequence will require the user to scan the item that is currently suggested for scanning.

Kit Packing mode is helpful when you are pre-packing commonly shipped kits for efficiency and using GroovePacker to verify that each kit is packed correctly.  Once you have set up a kit in GroovePacker you can create an order that contains the quantity of that kit you wish to have packed. 
For example, an order might be created that has 200 of a particular kit. This order can then be cued for scan and pack and GroovePacker will guide the packer to assure the kit's contents are each correct. Kit Packing mode must be used in this case, otherwise, the scanning of the current kit would not need to be complete before the scanning of the next kit could begin.
With Kit Packing mode enabled every item in each kit will need to be scanned before items from any other kit can be scanned. For example, let's assume the kit has 3 parts, A,B & C and there are 10 of these kits in the order. 

With kit packing mode OFF it would be possible to scan 10 pieces of A, then 10 each of B and C, since all of the items are present in the order. 

When kit packing mode is ON the packer could begin by scanning item A, B or C, but after one of the kit items is scanned, the other two would need to follow immediately after. Scanning A twice in a row would give an error response. After A, B and C have all been scanned the user could start the next kit by scanning any of the 3 items.

Controlling the sequence in which order items are suggested

You may have a situation where it is important to pack certain items in the box or bag before others. Maybe larger items should go in first with smaller items on top etc. You can use the "packing placement" value to determine the sequence in which GroovePacker suggests the order items.

The packing placement value can be set on the Scan and Pack Options tab of the product detail window. (Click the product name to open this window) You can also set this value using a CSV file.

Lower values are suggested first while higher values are suggested later.


Items within kits also have a separate packing order value that determines their suggested order within the kit. This value is set on the Inventory/Kit Options tab. It can only be accessed after the item has been converted to a kit.

Sorting order items by SKU and by Bin Location

The Packing Placement setting will override other means of sorting order items but if the packing placement value of two items is the same there are two other factors that determine their sequence.

Here are each in order of precedence:

- Packing Placement

- Alphabetically by Primary Bin Location

- Alphabetically by SKU


When the packing placement value is equal and a bin location is present, the items will be sorted alphabetically by bin location. This creates an efficient picking patch when the warehouse is laid out with Shelves and bins in alphabetical order.

Items with no bin location assigned will appear before items with a bin location aiding in their identification so a location can be added if desired.

Items without bin location will be sorted alphabetically by SKU.