Shipping label verification is one of the post-scanning options in GroovePacker. Meaning, it can be enabled to occur immediately after order scanning completes.

In order for the shipping label verification to work you'll need to verify a couple of things:

1- Please check that the order was shipped and a tracking number was associated with it before the order is imported into GroovePacker.  Click on the order number in the order list to view the order details. On the Order Info tab, you can check that the tracking number is visible in the tracking number field. If it is not, then the tracking number was not available when the order was imported. (you can right-click the column header in the orders list and make this column visible directly if you like)

2- Please verify that the tracking number shown in GroovePacker matches the barcode value that you are scanning. This can be done by copying the tracking number from the field on the order info tab to a blank line in a text doc or email, and then, on the line below, scan the barcode from the tracking number. When the two strings are compared every character and digit should match. If they do not, the verification may not succeed. We have added compatibility to support a number of carriers and services that have extra digits in their barcodes that are not included in the tracking number, however, f you find a shipping label that is not compatible please contact us, share the two tracking numbers from the test above, and we will see if support can be added for it.