Every GroovePacker account comes equipped with an import hamster. When it's time to import orders just click the import button to wake up the hamster, and they will begin running on their wheel to power the import. Every now and then we come across a particularly tired hamster who refuses to wake up and make the rounds. 

You'll know there is an issue with your hamster if you see the message: "waking up import hamster", remain on this screen for 10 seconds or more with no changes after clicking the import button.

To solve this you simply kick the trash can to wake him up.  To find this trashcan just hover your mouse over the "import orders" button and you'll see the import you are using listed there. The trashcan icon is to the right of the green status bar.

Click (or kick) the trashcan shown to wake up the hamster.

Technically this does something like deleting the import summary, but that's not important, fun or easy to remember. 

After giving the can a good kick, it's customary to run the import again, and 99% of the time your hamster will wake quickly and get right to work.

If he does not, RIP poor hamster, please contact support, using the "get support" tab on the side of your screen, and we'll provide a replacement hamster asap.

If the import completes and you find that some orders are still not present, that's not the hamster's fault! Fortunately, the fix is often pretty simple. Please see this article for info on troubleshooting imports.