Users can be added and removed from your plan directly from your account page.  

Here are the steps:

Please log in to your GroovePacker account

Navigate to: Settings > Account Settings > Modify Plan 

On this page, you'll find the number of users which are currently on your plan. 

Additional users can be added by clicking the up arrow to increase the total users and clicking the Update Plan button. New users will be added immediately to the plan and their accounts can then be created in the user's list found in Settings > Users and Permissions.

To set up user's permissions and assign them a username and password:

- If you're not already in the Users & Permissions section, navigate to Settings > Users and Permissions where you will find the current list of users.

- Click the Create User link and then enter login details and set permissions for the new user. 

As soon as the new user is saved their account will be available and they can log in on both the legacy (backend) and GPX (scanning) apps. 

If you have any trouble or if we can be of further help, please contact support.