When a SKU that is not in the GroovePacker database is encountered during an order import we will request the products data from the import source. 

Some order sources allow us to import product images along with this data. If the SKU was previously created in GroovePacker and then encountered in an import we do not check to see if an image exists for the item. The reason for this is that the import would take much longer if every SKU had to be checked for images in every import.

Adding lots of images

If you would like to add images for many existing SKUs you can do so using a Product CSV. This article shows the process. Most order sources provide a way to export the product data to a CSV and the image URL for the thumbnails is included with this data.

Adding a few images

If you're just looking to update images for a handful of items you can do so right in the product's detail window. Click the product name from the products list to open it. Images on your local computer can be directly uploaded there. Also, if you have the URL of an image you can open the window where you would normally choose it from your computer and paste the URL into the field. This method should work on the Chrome web browser.

Get a list of your missing or broken images

To receive a CSV file with all of the items in GroovePacker that have missing or broken images, navigate to the products section. Click Show All and then Select All. This should select every image you have in GroovePacker. Now from the edit drop down choose the broken/missing image export option. An email will be sent to the address chosen for System Notification in the General Preferences. The URL's for these items can be added directly in this CSV and imported using the Product CSV importer.