To get started visit our Pricing Page. Choose the number of users you would like to start with and click "Get Started" at the bottom.

You'll choose the subdomain for your GroovePacker URL. This is where you and your team will log in to access your account.

Most often the subdomain will be the main domain of your business. So for example, would choose - easy peasy.

You will also be asked for a username and password for your SuperAdmin user. This will be the main user that sets up the other users. The password will not be emailed for security reasons so please make note of the username and password you choose.

Once you've chosen these details you'll be asked for your billing information and the Startup Fee will be billed when creating your account. 

This fee covers unlimited support during and after your setup, assistance with importing and verifying your product data, and CSV map creation (allowing for easy updates in the future). 

The startup fee is fully refundable should you let us know you do not wish to continue any time during your 30-day trial. If you continue through the end of the trial, the monthly billing will begin on the 31st day.      

After submitting your billing info you'll be given some company profile questions. Please complete this profile and submit it when you're done. We'll use your answers to assist with your setup and to provide support in the future. After reviewing your profile we will contact you with additional setup info