If you use ShipStation it will likely have every item you ship so this can be a good place to grab your product data. If you have registered UPCs or barcodes that do not match your SKU and your UPCs are saved in your Shopping cart or store, but not in ShipStation it will likely make more sense to export products from the location where your barcodes are saved instead. 

If you're going to be generating barcodes for your items based on the SKU your products can be automatically created in GroovePacker during your order imports. This eliminates the need to import product data unless you'll be using GroovePacker to print your product barcodes, in which case you won't want to wait until all items have been ordered and imported to start printing. In this case the two options are to Create a test order in ShipStation that contains every one of your active items. Importing this into GroovePacker will import their data and you'll be ready to print barcodes for all items. If this is not practical because you have a high number of items you can export your ShipStation products to a CSV which can then be imported into GroovePacker.

The product data that ShipStation often has includes: SKU, Image & Product Name

You may or may not have the following data in ShipStation as well: UPC & Warehouse Location  

Exporting Product data from ShipStation

Start by clicking the Product section link at the top.

Next Click the Export Button.

Choose you can choose to export all items and then click export.

If you have many inactive items you also have the option to select your active items before clicking the export button and you can export only the active items.

The exported file will be in a zip archive.

Importing product data into GroovePacker

Inside the archive you'll find a CSV file. If you'll need to edit this file please take care to review our article about avoiding some common CSV related errors before opening the file in Excel or other apps.

If the file can be imported as it is please see this article about how to import product data using a CSV