**Update: It is no longer necessary to change the "from" row to 2 before importing. By default it is set to 2 and the first row is visible so you can use it for mapping.

This video shows the process of importing your product data into GroovePacker. For more information on the CSV file format and an example file, please see this article.

In most cases you can export your product data from your Shopping Cart or your Order Manager and select only those fields you want to import. 

Exporting Product data from ShipStation

Exporting Product data from Shopify

If barcodes or other needed fields are not present you can add them to the file before importing or use a second file to update the products with data from another file. 

This article shows the process of updating or adding additional product data by mapping the SKU and the fields you want to add or update.

The SKU is used as the common attribute which ensures that the new data is properly matched with the existing product.