Whether you want to remove all of your orders to prepare to go live after testing, or just remove a single order so you can re-import an updated version, it's easy to delete orders from GroovePacker and you never have to worry about it affecting orders "upstream" in your order manager or shopping cart.

To begin you'll need to select the orders you want to remove. Open the orders section by clicking the Orders icon at the top of the interface.

Click any open area in an order's row to select the row (it will turn green when selected).

To remove all orders in the system you can go to the orders section, click "show all" on the left. This will display all orders. Then click "Select All". 

Once they are all selected chose "Delete" from the Edit Dropdown (over on the right). This will delete all orders in the system so you can start fresh.

Please note that Deleting orders is permanent. It is not possible to recover deleted orders.