There are two ways the GP Ready tag is commonly used to import orders.

- Those that create shipping labels before packing orders will usually add the tag while they have the orders batched or selected to print labels.

- Those that pack orders before creating shipping labels will usually add the tag while they have the orders selected to print packing slips.

For this second group there are cases where all orders imported will be shipped the same day and it may be helpful to have all of the orders tagged with GP Ready automatically as they are imported.

This can be done using a ShipStation action. If you have not already created the GP Ready tag in ShipStation you can follow this article to do so.

Actions are found under ShipStation settings here:

Click to create a new action. Choose to have a tag added either to all orders or you can require conditions to be met such as the source being or not being a particular store. This is ideal if orders from some stores will not be packed in GroovePacker.

Once your rule is saved to can verify that new orders receive the tag when the conditions are met and you should be all set.