The GP Ready tag can be used to select orders for import. This option gives you alot of control and is ideal when you routinely need to import both Awaiting Shipment and Shipped orders.

UPDATE: The tag import now has it's own switch which determines if GroovePacker will check for tagged orders during regular imports. Enable this switch only when you are using tags as your primary import method. If you are just occasionally using tags to import specific orders that you have made changes to, you can leave the switch off and click the tag import icon to import only tagged orders: 


Tag Setup 

  1. Start by clicking on the Settings page, and then Store Settings click on your ShipStation store to open it
  2. Click the GP Ready Tag Copy to Clipboard button
  3. with the Tag info copied, we move on to ShipStation. 
  4. Tag is displayed in two locations above the ShipStation orders list. (see below for the correct location)
  5. You should see "Manage Tags" at the top, click there.
  6. Then click "Add a Tag:
  7. Then Ctrl+V to paste the tag. If you have trouble with the clipboard just enter "GP READY" (no quotes)
  8. Choose a color for the tag. 
  9. Repeat the process for a GP Imported Tag only if you want GroovePacker to add this optional tag after importing the order. It does increase API calls and import time.
  10. If you'll be using tags as your primary import method enable the Tag Import switch in GroovePacker.
  11. If you are not using the Status based imports you should disable the status switches to reduce import time and avoid import errors.
  12. Now, any orders we tag GP Ready will be imported on the next GroovePacker import. The tag can be applied to individual orders, or applied in bulk to a group of orders.

Once the GP Ready tag is applied in ShipStation the tagged orders should import into GroovePacker the next time the Import Orders button is clicked in GroovePacker.