Further to our other videos on ShipStation, import tags will need to be created in ShipStation before their first use. 


  1. Start by clicking on the Settings page, and then Store Settings click on your ShipStation store to open it
  2. Click the GP Ready Tag Copy to Clipboard button
  3. with the Tag info copied, we move on to ShipStation. 
  4. We click Tag
  5. Manage Tags
  6. Add a Tag
  7. then Ctrl+V to paste your tag. 
  8. Choose a color for the tag. 
  9. repeat the process for a GP Imported Tag.
  10. in ShipStation, we can tag orders with the GP Ready Tag and those orders will be imported on the next GroovePacker import. 
  11. when GroovePacker has the orders scanned and completed, it will replace the tag on the ShipStation orders with GP Imported.

Once the GP Ready tag is applied in ShipStation the tagged orders should import into GroovePacker the next time the Import Orders button is clicked in GroovePacker.