The On Demand automatically tried to fetch any orders that are scanned for packing but not found. Normally you would need to click the import button to re-import and then try scanning the order again. The On Demand import saves time by requesting that specific order as soon as it's scanned and not found. If it is available it will be imported and ready to scan in 5 to 10 seconds. GroovePacker notifies you that it is attempting to download the order in the background. While it imports you can scan the next order in the stack and when you re-try the previously missing order it will be imported and ready to scan.

The On Demand import will not be triggered unless an order is not found. If you see it occur frequently or with many orders please let us know so we can investigate why these orders are not getting imported. 

If the On Demand import option is available for a store type it there will be a switch displayed in the import settings for that store:


If you have ever scanned an order and seen a message like the one below, indicating that the order would be imported in the background, then you've seen the On Demand import in action.  Think of it like a backup system to pickup any orders that do not import.


Keep in mind that if a product or tracking number is scanned accidentally when an order number is expected you will receive this message if the On Demand import is enabled.