Daily Scheduled order export

GroovePacker can email you each day with a report so you'll know exactly what was shipped and verify that all orders were scanned without even logging in.

The options for this report are found in Settings >Backup & Export > Order Report

In addition to listing each order scanned along with the scanning time and user, you'll also receive a summary with the total orders imported and scanned for the day.

A csv with the daily order data is included as an attachment which can serve as a long term archive of scanned order data if needed. 

For a daily summary, you'll want to select the days of the week you ship and the "On the same calendar day" option.

If you're looking to archive all scanned order and item data long-term, choose the "Include order items" option. This will include each item scanned in every order. Otherwise, you can opt to just have one entry per order and a total of items in each order using the "Do not include order items" option.

Note: The Date range selector is only used when manually exporting a selected date range. It does not need to be adjusted for the scanned order report email to function. 

Manual Scanned Order Data Export

You can also generate a report with all orders, or all orders and their order items, for a specific date range.

To do this just select the start and end range, choose whether to include Order Items using the drop-down, and then click export now. The report will be sent to the System Notification email address specified in Settings > System Settings > General preferences