If your Amazon FBA shipments contain a number of different skus it makes sense to use GroovePacker to scan and verify the items you're shipping to make sure they are correct.

GroovePacker account with 4 or more users now have access to an FBA Shipment plan importer which eliminates the need to prepare the file before importing it. Please see this article for instructions. The workflow below can be used if the importer is not available on your plan.


1- In Amazon seller central click Inventory > Manage FBA Shipments:

2- The sku list can be downloaded from the Shipments or Shipping Plan tab by clicking the download link:

3- The file that downloads will have a .txt extension.

4- Rename it to a .csv extension and then open it in a spreadsheet editor like OpenOffice.

5- When opening choose the following options:

6- The result should be a cleanly formatted CSV.

7- GroovePacker will need a column with an order number to import the shipment data.

8- You can add this by inserting a new first column and entering a value.

- Every consecutive row with the same order number will be placed in the same order.

- You can put all items in one order by giving the same order number for every row.

- If you have more than 100 rows you should split them into multiple "orders" by incrementing the order number every 100 rows.

9- Save this edited file and import it into GroovePacker using the CSV Order importer.

10- You can use the "Current Date / Time" option. This eliminates the need to provide an order date in the correct format.

11- You can cue the items for packing by CTRL-Clicking the order numbers you chose in the orders list.

12- Can the items as you back your FBA shipment.

You'll now have exact data on your Amazon FBA shipments if any inventory should be reported lost!