All GroovePacker accounts with 4 or more users now have access to the Amazon FBA Shipment Plan importer. The importer allows you to directly upload Shipment Plan files provided by Seller Central. You can then verify each item in your FBA shipment as it's packed using GroovePacker to assure accuracy and to update inventory levels to reflect the items shipped. 

With the FBA Import switch on, select the file downloaded from Seller Central and choose the FBA Shipment Plan map: 


After clicking the Import Orders button your Shipment Plan will be imported and it will display in the Orders section. 

To verify your shipment just Ctrl-Click (command click on mac) the order number in the orders list and you're ready to verify the shipment.

This article explains how to modify a shipment plan file manually if the FBA Shipment Importer is not available for your plan.