You may have items that are pre-counted, maybe in a box, that don't necessarily need to be individually scanned - rather, you may want to tell GroovePacker that you're scanning a certain total number of these items at once. We call this a type-in count scan, and this article will demonstrate how to accomplish this. 

Checking the setting

The option has a per-product setting and is enabled for all products by default.  To verify its setting for a product you can search for that product in the products list, open it up, click the Packing Options tab, and verify the switch is set to On:

Using the type-in count

1- First, scan one of the items. This ensures the item you have is correct.

2- Next, enter the Type-in count trigger. By default, it's an asterisk.  *  You can type in the asterisk or you can scan it in. If you type it in you'll need to press enter afterwards. If you scan it, the scanner will press enter for you.  

Note: If you want to scan it in, you can print a barcode for it by clicking the printer icon beside the asterisk on the scan and pack settings page:  Settings > System Settings > Scan & Pack Options 
See the global setting paragraph below.

3- After the asterisk is entered it will prompt you for the total number of these items being scanned. Type in the number and hit enter:

5- Congratulations! All of your items are now scanned!

So the process is: 

- Scan the item

- Enter or scan the type-in count trigger

- Enter the count when prompted

The Global Type-in count setting

In Settings > System Settings > Scan and Pack Options you'll find a global setting that can be used to disable the type-in count feature for all products. The "Per Product Setting" button will launch a window where you can quickly review the setting for all products and add or remove the option for many products quickly. The field allows you to specify the trigger to be used in case the asterisk is not ideal. Lastly, the printer icon can be used to print the trigger as a barcode, so the type-in count can be initiated with a scan, rather than typing the trigger and pressing enter.