Connecting GroovePacker to Bigcommerce will allow you to import Orders and Products. If orders will be imported from ShipStation, the Bigcommerce store connection in GroovePacker can be set to inactive and it can be used solely for product imports.


If you created your GroovePacker account by installing the GroovePacker app in your Bigcommerce store then the connection may already be set up for you. You can check by going to:

Settings > Store Settings .

If you do not see a store called "Bigcommerce" in the list you can create it by clicking "Create Store" on the left.

 If you already have a Bigcommerce store in your store list just click it's name in the list to open it and skip to step #4 below.

2- Give it a name and select Bigcommerce from the Store Type drop down.

3- Next we will either make or verify the connection to Bigcommerce. If you see a green 'Install' button please click it and follow the prompts below to create the connection.

4- If a connection already exists you'll see "Access Token Available" and you can click "Check Connection" to verify it. If the test is successful you're all set. If a problem is reported

please disconnect the store and follow the steps below to reconnect it.

5- Login to Bigcommerce, if you are not already logged in:

6- Click 'Install.'

7- Click 'Confirm.'

8- Close the pop-up window, and return to GroovePacker.

9- Click Save & Close

10- Your connection is complete!

Before importing orders it is highly recommended to complete the import of your products. If your complete product catalog is in BigCommerce please see this article: Import Your Bigcommerce Product Catalog