Sometimes the order items need to be modified before packing. A last minute customer request or an a surprise out-of-stock may occur. Here's how to roll with it and keep right on groovin':

Modifying Orders During Scanning

To view the order item list you can click on the order number above the suggested item.


On the Legacy app:

You can then Remove and Add items to the order if you have Order Edit permissions.

In the GPX app click the X icon beside an order item to remove it from the order and click the Plus icon at the top of the list to add a new item.

In the Legacy app click the row of an item to select it and use the Remove button to remove it. Click the Add item button to add a new item.

In both the GPX and Legacy app you can modify the quantity of each item in the order item list.

Modifying Orders Using the Barcode Scanner

In the GPX app you can Add and Remove items using the barcode scanner. (Only Removal is possible in the Legacy app). The action barcodes used to do this can be set and printed in Settings > System Settings > Scan & Pack Settings near the bottom of the page.

The REMOVE barcode can be scanned to remove the currently suggested item. In the GPX app you can click or tap on the image of any item to make it the Suggested item.

The ADDNEXT barcode lets GPX know you're adding an item to the order. When you scan ADDNEXT you'll see a popup that allow you to scan an item and have it both Added and Marked scanned.

Modifying Orders from the Orders List

Process for removing items

1) Click on the order number in the order list. 

Tip: You can type in the last few digits of the order number to search for it or scan the order number right into the search field if the packing slip is handy.

2) You should see a list of the items in the order when it's opens.

3) Click the row of the item you want to remove to select it. It will turn Green. 

4) Finally, Click the "Remove Selected Items" button.

Process for Adding Items

To add a replacement item:

Find the order in the order list using the method above.

1) Open the order and while viewing the order item list Click the "Add Item" button.

2) Begin typing the name or SKU of the item you want to add. Scanning it's barcode works as well.

3) Select the item by clicking it's row in the list.

Click "Save and Close" and the selected item(s) will be added to the order.