Sometimes you may want to print packing slips and/or packing lists from GroovePacker. 

Although it's possible to print packing slips and consolidated pick lists from GroovePacker, you'll often you'll want to print these items from your order manager instead. This is generally the case when you're processing batches of orders. Batches of orders can be selected in the order manager and the packing slips and pick list can be created for the batch.  This makes it much easier to assure that packing slips are not being printed multiple times for the same orders. That said, if you print packing slips for all imported orders and then scan them all before importing more you can absolutely generate the packing slips in GroovePacker.

Selecting batches of orders in GroovePacker (workaround)

 If you do not have a good way to print barcoded packing slips outside of GroovePacker and you are importing your orders via CSV, it is possible to use one of the custom order fields to import a Batch ID. You can then search by this batch ID and select all orders in this batch. This allows you to print packing slips or a pick list for all orders in the batch even though the batch was not created in GroovePacker.

Process for printing packing slips

  • Navigate to the Orders section.
  • Select the orders for which you'd like to print packing slips, either by clicking individual rows or by using the select all option.
  • Click the Printing dropdown.
  • Depending on your needs, select one of the three options:

    Print Pick List and Packing Slips will print both.
    Print Only Pick List will print the pick list.
    Print Only Packing Slips will print the packing slips.


You will have to enable popups from the GroovePacker site, as the generated PDF files will display as a popup. Contact support if you are having issues generating PDFs.

We also have a direct print option for packing slips.