There are a few checks that all daily orders have been scanned. 

In most cases a physical packing slip is printed for each order shipping on a given day and given to the packer. When packing is complete there should be no remaining packing slips. This is not in itself a reliable check since the packing slips can be lost or accidentally discarded but it does act as a cue:

 Once you reach the bottom of the stack you can check that all awaiting orders have been scanned and moved from the awaiting list. During Scan and Pack the packer can also see how many orders are Awaiting Scanning:

Check 1 - Awaiting orders list

 Before packing starts all of the daily shipments are imported into GroovePacker. Usually the same person who decides which orders will ship that day will also print packing slips and then import the orders into GroovePacker. After the import a quick check in GroovePacker verifies that all orders imported as expected.

After the daily orders are packed there should be no orders in the Awaiting (or Action Required*) lists. They should all have been scanned and they should be listed in the Scanned list. If any items remain in these lists after packing is complete it indicates something wasn't scanned.

Check 2 - Daily Order Scanning Report

The most most popular and comprehensive check is the daily order scanning report. A summary of all orders packed can be emailed to you each day after packing. The report is sent via email to the addresses you specifiy and it can be enabled in Settings > Backup & Export > Order Export.

 The report can show every item scanned for every order or a line for each order giving the total items scanned. Other information including the packer who scanned the order is also included. 

At the bottom of the email you'll find a summary showing the total orders imported for the day and the total number scanned. This makes it very easy to verify at a glance that every order imported for the day was scanned.  The data is also attached to the email as a CSV that can be archived and referred to later.

Check 3 - Shipping Label Recording or Verification

If shipping labels are created after each order is packed you can optionally have GroovePacker request a scan of the Shipping Label. GroovePacker will save the tracking number from the shipping label and it will be saved with the order. The tracking number can then be seen and verified for each order in the Scanned orders list if the column is set to be visible. The presence of a tracking number lets you verify that a Shipping label was generated for each of the scanned orders. In your order manager each order will be marked as shipping when the label is created.

If you create shipping labels for all orders at once, before packing, they will already be marked Shipped in your order manager. In this case you can optionally have GroovePacker request a scan of the Shipping Label after the order is scanned. With most order managers the tracking number of shipped orders is imported with the order information and GroovePacker can verify that the correct shipping label is being adhered to the package.

Check 4 - GP SCANNED Tag

If orders are imported from ShipStation or Shopify we have an option that can add a tag to the order (in ShipStation or Shopify) after scanning has been completed in GroovePacker. To enable this you'll need to find the ShipStation or Shopify store settings page for your store. You'll see the list of your store connections when you click on Settings at the top of the page in GroovePacker. For ShipStation you may need to click on the title of the Beta Options section to view this switch. You'll also need to create the tag in ShipStation before it can be added by GroovePacker.

If you have any trouble please reach out to GroovePacker Support.

*It's possible to add barcodes before or during the packing process. If added before, all orders will be listed as "Awaiting" before scanning begins. In this case, when the Scanning is complete, you can check the Awaiting list to verify all orders were shipped.
If barcodes are added during Scanning rather than before, then you'll also need to verify there are no orders in the Action Required list. When items are in the Action Required list there is a caution icon displayed in the menu to aid in this check. The daily order report will also let you know if any orders imported that day are in the Action Required list.