Order records are retained in GroovePacker for 3 months. In nearly all cases a dispute regarding a shipment will need to begin in less than 90 days. After 91 days scanned orders will be automatically removed. Packing stats for scanned orders will be retained.

 If you'd like to keep records of what was scanned beyond 91 days we recommend creating a permanent email archive by following the steps below. 

Click on Settings > Backup & Export > Order Export 

- Enable Auto Email Export

- Add the email address (preferably Gmail) or multiple addresses separated by commas

- Choose a time in the evening after shipping will be complete and select the days of the week you ship

- From the dropdowns we recommend choosing "On The Same Calendar Day" and "Included All Order Items" 

- Note that the default is to show one line for each order that was scanned, as a summary. If you'd like to be able to look back and see every item scanned for every order shipped, you can choose 'include all order items.' This is recommended in order to have the most complete record available at your disposal, should you need it.

This will email the details of each order shipped to your address providing a searchable archive.