Scan and Pack is the heart of GroovePacker. This demo shows a typical integration with ShipStation where orders are first imported from all stores and marketplaces to ShipStation. Orders can then be split, combined, held or divided in to batches for pick and pack. Orders are then imported to GroovePacker and picking is done in batches based on a pick list or using packing slips. You can perform picking just as you do now. After items are picked, packing with GroovePacker begins. A barcode on the packing slip is used to display each order for packing in GroovePacker. Each order item is displayed and the items can be scanned in any sequence. Notes to the packer can be added for each product as well as for individual orders. The packer received visual and audio feedback letting them know if each scan is correct. Only after all items are correctly packed will the order be marked as Scanned. A record of every item scanned along with the time and packing user is saved with each order. After the scan and pack process is completed for an order the order is weighed and the shipping labels are created in ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks or another order manager.