As long as your scanner can read Code128 and can be programmed to send a carriage return after the value that is read it will be compatible. Huh?


Pretty much every USB scanner you can find will work out of the box with no setup. Literally, plug and play. Bluetooth scanners will require paring or will come with a usb dongle. Aside from wired or wireless the difference from scanner to scanner is how clear the barcodes have to be in order to get a good scan and how quickly they can scan. 

Better scanners can read damaged barcodes and scan right through plastic bags etc. Please note the GroovePacker does not run "on" scanners, so windows mobile devices with screens etc. are not compatible. GroovePacker requires a desktop or tablet running chrome and the scanner itself is just used for reading the barcodes. If maximum portability is required the scan and pack portion of GroovePacker can also be run on IOS using our native app. A case that includes the scanner can be paired for a very mobile combo.

Here are a few scanner options that have been tested extensively with GroovePacker:

  • These scanners are inexpensive and they read well, but if they are dropped repeatedly they do break. One solution is to tether them with a bungee cord.

  • These are similar in function but much more durable, made by Motorola.

  • These can be used hands free and because they sit on the desk. In addition to saving some time this means the likelihood of a drop is lower. They also scan barcodes that might be missed by cheaper scanners and they scan faster, but the price is a good bit higher.

  • These are bluetooth scanners. They are compatible with IOS as well as mac and pc and can read barcodes from a screen.

Connecting your barcode scanner to GroovePacker

Your scanner will automatically work with GroovePacker if it is connected to and working with the computer/IOS device your are using. It may need to be configured to "press enter" after each scan. After scanning a barcdoe the scanner should:

1) the decoded barcode and type it out wherever the cursor is

2) send the enter key (also called carriage return)

You can verify this using any text document you can type in (ie Notepad, Notes, an email, etc) If the barcodes do not get typed into your text doc or they cursor does not move to the next line afterward, you'll need to connect or configure your scanner before using GroovePacker. Please consult your scanner manufacturer. 

Connecting it to the computer will vary based on the scanner. USB scanners you just plug in, and in most cases they are treated as a keyboard device. No drivers will need to be installed.  Bluetooth scanners have a pairing function the manual will describe the process. They may also need to be configured to specially for the operating system you are using. Their manual will explain.

When connected you should be able to scan any functional barcode (test retail barcodes if you're not certain those you have printed are working) and the scanner will type out the decoded numbers/letters of the barcode and then jump to the next line as if you pressed Enter after.