When your barcode or scanner is not scanning you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot it.

First let's make sure the barcode scanner is working properly

For this you'll need a somewhere to type where your keyboard can enter text. I usually open gmail and click on the compose button to get a blank message. Place the cursor in the message so it's ready for you to type.

Next verify you scanner is plugged in to the computer (and turned on if it has an off switch). If it is a bluetooth scanner you'll need to pair it with the computer according to the manufactures instructions. USB Scanners do not usually require any special drivers as they are recognized automatically as a keyboard. Lastly you'll need some barcodes that you know will scan. These could be barcodes you printed yourself but the best source for verified barcodes is usually store bought product packaging you might have around. These are generally UPC-A barcodes that every scanner should be able to read and they are printed clearly. Scan the the barcode and see if it gets typed out in the email. The cursor should jump to the next line after the number is typed out. If nothing happens try scanning another barcode that you know to be good, possibly another format if possible. If there is no response try another USB port and if possible, another computer. If there is still no response the scanner may be defective or may need to be reprogrammed according to the manufacturers instructions. If it types out the barcode and moves to the next line, congratulations, your scanner is working properly. Retry scanning the barcode you were having trouble with before. If it does not scan then the barcode is likely the culprit. The most common issue is that part of the barcode gets clipped or cropped by the printing margins so the barcode bars are not complete. 

Once you've verified the scanner and the barcode you're scanning are working it's time to move on to troubleshooting in GroovePacker.

Order number barcodes

If the problem is an order number barcode on a packing slip let's start by verifying the order number barcode by scanning it into an email as mentioned above or any text document. . When you scan the order number barcode from the packing slip it should type out the order number exactly as it appears on the imported order in GroovePacker. If instead you see something like the following: ^#AB8FE1E then you have the "Scan to view" barcode rather than the order number barcode. This article explains the difference. If the correct order number is typed out when you scan the barcode then we should check that the order has been imported. Open the orders section in GroovePacker and scan the barcode into the search bar. If the order does not display and the order number in the search field matches exactly what you have for the order number in the order manager or store then the order did not import. Please see this article for troubleshooting import issues. 

Product barcodes

If the problem is a product barcode not being recognized during packing let's find the product in GroovePacker and take a closer look. Open the products section and search for the product using it's SKU. Click on the product name to open the product details. Verify that the correct barcode is saved in the barcodes field. Next, click the "add" link beside the barcode. Scan the product barcode that was not recognized in scan and pack. If the barcode is added and saved then it must not match what was saved before. Now that the correct barcode is saved the product should scan properly. If the barcode was not added, close the product and scan the the barcode again with the cursor in the products search field. Verify that the same product is displayed. If a different product is shown then there are two similar products records that should likely be aliased together. If the exact same product is displayed when you search by the barcode then the product barcode is correct. Please verify that this is the same product which was giving trouble in scan and pack by opening the order in the orders section and checking. If so please contact support.