We can use ShipStation's API to allow communicatin with GroovePacker, in order to import orders. Follow this video and article to connect ShipStation to GroovePacker.


Click on "Settings" at the top of the GroovePacker page to access the setting section.
 You will see the store list. If you already have a ShipStation store listed there you can click on it's name to open it.

If you do not see a store with the type "ShipStation", create a new store in GroovePacker's Settings page by clicking "Create Store"

Give the store a name. (If you only have one ShipStation account you can use the name "ShipStation")
Choose ShipStation from the Store Type dropdown.

To connect the store to ShipStation you'll need your ShipStation API Key and Secret. 
Find this by clicking the gear in the top-right corner of ShipStation
then API Settings.

Copy them from ShipStation (Ctrl+C)
paste them (Ctrl+V) in GroovePacker, in the fields that display below the Store Type.

Simple as that! Now you're all set up to import your orders into GroovePacker. In nearly all cases you'll want to import all of your products into GroovePacker and ensure they are appearing properly (SKU, Aliases, Kits etc.) prior to importing orders. 

Please see this article for information on the ShipStation import settings.

Video Transcription

To connect Shipstation to Groove Packer, you'll need your API key and secret from Shipstation. Fighting them is really easy in Shipstation. You just click on the gear in the top right corner and then API settings in the bottom left. From there you can double-click the key, Command or Control C to copy it, hop back over to Groove Packer, Control V to paste it, and do the same thing with the secret. Once they've been pasted in, then you can just click save and close and your settings will be saved.