If your order manager does not allow you to add an order number barcode to your packing slip and all of your orders are imported from Shopify, the native Shopify packing slip is a good option. This wasn't always the case and it's not a one-click solution but the video below will get you there with minimal to no frustration.

Click Here to download the Libre Barcode 128 font directly.

Here is the first block of text to copy:

@font-face {
font-family: 'Libre Barcode 128';
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;
font-display: swap;
src: URL(https://OVERWRITE THIS WITH THE URL YOU COPIED) format('truetype');

Paste the following into the packing slip template where you would like the barcode to appear:

<p style="font-family: 'Libre Barcode 128', cursive; font-size: 140px">{{ order.order_number }}</p>

Video Transcript

0:02 Okay, so I'd like to show you how to add a barcode to your Shopify packing slip. This will be a barcode of the order number, and it'll allow you to scan the packing slip and that will type the order number into any app that you're using, like GroovePacker.

0:16 So the first thing youre gonna need is the barcode font and you can get that from Google Fonts its called Libre Barcode 128 So you search for that on Google Fonts and then click on Download Font Family when you do that its going to give you a zip file which will look just like this and then youll just

0:37 click on that and click on extract all. This is going to give you a folder with this ttf font. Ok so now were going to upload that into our file.

0:49 Shopify store. So go to content files and then youre going click on upload files and you can actually grab the path up here so just ctrl c to copy that and im already in the folder but if I weren't I can just paste that in and hit enter and it will jump to that folder and I can select that font file 

1:13 and click open so thats going to upload it and it will show up right here. So im going to leave this page open because im going to copy that link.

1:21 Later and add some other stuff that I need to copy first so im just going to duplicate this tab and then were going to go to settings on shipping and delivery and then we'll scroll pretty much all the way down and we'll find pack and slips here at the bottom and we'll click on edit template ok so here

1:46 were going to paste in some style and something that will place the barcode on the template so these will be in the knowledge base article and I can add them in the video description as well so basically were going to copy this first one and we'll paste that here alright and you'll notice there's a URL

2:13 in here that we need to overwrite so what I'm going to do is go back to this other tab and copy that link and then with all of that selected the entire URL say ctrl v and that'll drop in the path to that file ok but were not quite done yet we want to go to the place on the packing slipper we want the 

2:36 barcode to end up which in this case i think is right here and then were going to paste that line to drop that barcode in ok so now we should be able to preview this and you can see a barcode shows up on the back so and we'll save the changes alright that can template saved so we should be good to go

3:06 alright so that's how that's done this will make it very easy for you to queue up orders in GroovePacker so that you can scan them and prevent path mirrors but it can also be used for queuing up or finding the orders in shipping software and other apps as well alright hope that works great for you have

3:27 an awesome day take care bye