The article explains how a serial number, lot number, batch ID or expiration date that has been added as a suffix on your product barcode can be identified and optionally recorded during verification.  If your team will be scanning or entering a serial, lot or batch number separately please see this article instead.

To enable this feature navigate to Settings > System > Scan and Pack

Enable the "Barcode suffix removal" switch.

In the "Escape String" field enter only the characters and spaces that separate the product barcode value from the value that is appended after (serial, lot, etc.)

For example if your barcode format begins with the product barcode, then has a double-space, then has the serial number, you would enter only a double-space in the field.

If the Record Suffix switch is enabled the serial, lot or batch number will be saved with the scanned order and can be exported (see below). If the switch is off the value will not be recorded, it will just be ignored which will make it possible to use the first part of the barcode for verification.

Exporting Lot or Serial Numbers that have been recorded

The values that are recorded can be exported to a CSV file that includes the order data of every order that had a value recorded. To export this file navigate to Settings > Backup & Export > Serial Export

There you'll be able to choose a start and end date up to 30 days in the past and generate a file.