In this scenario you have an item like a 4-pack which is already in GroovePacker but currently GroovePacker does not know that it's a pack of four, so it's only prompting the user to scan once.  Instead you'd like the user to scan 4 times.

We'll set up a kit to make this happen. If you have the opposite problem, where the customer has ordered 4 items which you have pre-packed into a single item, so it's asking for 4 scans but you need it to ask for 1,  please the our article on multi-pack barcodes instead.

To summarize the steps below, you'll create a new item that will be the piece that actually gets scanned. The current SKU will be changed to a "kit". This kit will contain 4 pieces of a new part item that we'll create. 
The barcode that will be scanned (and which may need to be removed from the current item) should be assigned to the new item. (since the new item will be the item that actually gets scanned)

Here are the steps:

Find the original SKU, in this example we'll call it OS-71, in the products list and click on the name to open it.
Copy the barcode from item OS-71 to your clipboard and then delete the barcode from  OS-71. (this will allow us to use it on another item)
Save the SKU of the item (OS-71) as its new "placeholder" barcode.
We'll return to this item in a moment to change it into a kit but first we need to make the part item that we'll add to the kit.

Use the create option in the products section to create a new product.
Give it a name, maybe OS-71 Single Piece
You might use a SKU like OS-71-SP
Paste in the barcode you copied earlier from the original item and click save and close

Now that the part item is ready you can set up the kit.
Open OS-71 in the products list by clicking its name and use the "change this item to a kit" option at the top.
You'll then be shown the kit options page. Here you'll click to add an item to the kit. Search for the OS-71-SP and click it to select it.
Then save and close. Lasting you can adjust the QTY of this item to 4 - since there are 4 pieces that need to be scanned.

That's it, you're done! When OS-71 is found in an order the user will be prompted to scan 4 pieces of OS-71-SP using the barcode we assigned to it.

Please not that the kit item will display in the Kits list now and will no longer be visible in the products list.