If you create Shipping Labels after each order is packed and you generate shipping labels with ShipStation you will be pleased to know that it is now possible to generate labels and send them direct to the printer, without leaving GroovePacker.

This simplifies training, saves time, and eliminates a number of steps.

This workflow option gets even better when used in conjunction with ShipStation’s rules and automation settings. Conditions and automation rules can be defined for attributes such as total weight, destination & order items making it possible to pre-select the carrier, package, and service for the majority of the shipments. The rules system will make these selections as the orders are imported into ShipStation and these selections will then automatically import into GroovePacker so they are available when it is time to create the label.

The packer will see any methods pre-selected by the ShipStation rules and will have the opportunity to create the label just by hitting the Enter key, or they can make changes before the label is created if needed.

To speed up the selection process shortcut keys can be assigned to each shipping method so they can be selected with a key press or a stand-alone keypad like the stream deck. Note: The Stream Deck is not compatible with Chromebooks.

Label Creation and Printing Setup

The option to Create Labels can be toggled on and off from the ShipStation store settings page in GroovePacker. Navigate to the Settings section and then click on the name of your ShipStation store.  Scroll to the bottom and click on the word Beta to display the Beta options. Enable the setting "Use API to Create ShipStation Labels". If this setting is not visible please contact GroovePacker support and let us know you would like to have the ShipStation Label Creation API enabled on your account.  

Next, enter your Zip code in the "Store Post Code" field just below. This will be the shipment's origin zip code used for rate calculations. 

When the switch is enabled and your zip code is entered you should see the Label Creation window appear after order scanning is complete.  Please keep in mind that only orders which have been imported from the ShipStation store connection will be able to use this option to create labels.

In order to send the Shipping Label directly to the printer you will need to set up the Direct Printing option. You can find the setup details here.

If the “Shipping Labels via ShipStation Integration” option is enabled at the bottom of the General Settings page: Settings > System > General , then the label should be sent directly to the printer after the Print Label button is clicked.

If you do not see the Label Creation window after the order is scanned and you have verified the order was imported from ShipStation please contact us for troubleshooting assistance.