Fixing broken images or adding missing images from Shopify is super easy.

Before we begin we need to check that there is a connection from GroovePacker to your Shopify Store. If the connection is created already you should find it in the Stores list which will be the first page you'll see when clicking on the Settings section. If it does not exist yet you can add the connection following the link below.

 Note: You'll leave this connection "Inactive" so orders are not accidentally imported. Products can still be imported and updated even when the Order import is disabled.

Click here for the steps to create the connection to Shopify.

Once the connection is set up you can use the "Fix Broken Images" button to update your products with the images from Shopify. 

The process will take 10 minutes to 10 hours depending on the number of items you have. :)

If you find that some products are still missing images in GroovePacker after the process completes please compare the SKU of the item in GroovePacker to the SKU of the item that has the image in Shopify. GroovePacker will look for the image associated with the variant SKU. If it does not find one it will use the image for the "main" item, which may differ from the variant.

If the exact same SKU has an image in Shopify but not in GroovePacker there is a good chance that the item in GroovePacker was not created by Shopify. It may have been created by an order manager (ShipStation, ShippingEasy etc) or it may have been imported via CSV. 

In this case we will need to associate the SKU in GroovePacker with the SKU in Shopify. It should then be possible to request the images from Shopify. Please see this article for details.