Sometimes bazillions of products need the same options enabled. This can be tedious to do manually. Many of the product options can now be enabled/disabled using a CSV file. 

If your products have already been imported into GroovePacker the first step will be to export the products you need to modify using the Export to CSV option found in the Edit dropdown on the Products page. You can export all products using the "Select All" option, or you can search for a subset of products and then select those for export.

If you have not yet imported products into GroovePacker you can check the attached file for an example product import file that includes the various options that can be set.

The switchable options are easy to spot. They appear after column AA in the file and they will have either "on", "off","true" or "false" in the field. 

The following can all be used to enable any of the options: on, true, 1

The following can ll be used to disable any of the options: off, false, 0

If you're importing products for the first time you'll want to map all needed columns including the options you want to modify. 

If you're setting options for existing items you'll only need to map the primary sku and the options you want to modify.

Unmapped options will remain on the default setting.

For detailed instructions on importing products using the CSV importer please see this article.