There are a number of advantages when importing orders from your order manager (ShippingEasy, ShipStation, ShipWorks, E-comdash etc.) vs direct from shops or marketplaces (Shopify, Magento, Ebay & Amazon).

Here are a few:
- Changes are often made to orders in the order manager. When orders are imported or re-imported after these changes are made, the changes are reflected in GroovePacker. Same goes for notes added to the order in the order manager.

- Multiple channels can be integrated via the order manager using a single connection.

- No setup changes are required in GroovePacker to import additional channels via the order manager.

- Order numbers imported from the order manager match order number barcodes printed from the order manager exactly.

- Importing from the order manager offers greater flexibility in import and workflow options

In general, unless some requirement prevents importing from the order manager we definitely recommend that route.

What about importing products from Shopify via their API?

If you would like to import products from Shopify using the API, that is possible. After the api connection to Shopify is created the store can be set to Inactive. This will prevent orders from being imported but products can still be imported via the API.