When you have a handful of items that need to have barcodes added it's often fastest to scan them directly into GroovePacker. You can also let your packers add them as they scan.   However, if you are setting up your inventory or if you have added many new items that need barcodes it may be faster to export a list of every item that is missing a barcode. The exported CSV file can be opened in Excel, OpenOffice or Google Sheets where the missing data can be added. You can then import the updated file to bring your changes into GroovePacker.

Here are the steps for exporting all items that need barcodes:

  • Open the Products section

  • Click on the "New" Product view

  • Click Select All

  • Export the selected items by choosing "Export Products to CSV" from the Edit dropdown

The CSV will be emailed to your "System Notifications" email address. This can be edited in Settings > System Settings > General preferences if needed.