GroovePacker uses email for sending reports, invoices, exports and a host of other things. It's important to keep your addresses current so you never miss important info.

Below is a list of emails that can be sent and the location where they can be modified. In all cases you can add additional addresses by separating them with a comma. The space after the comma is optional.

Order Export Report

User Stats Report

Password Recovery Email

Low Inventory Alert Email

System Notifications and Billing

Products Backup Export

Order export report. 

Purpose: Shows every order scanned for the day.

Location: Settings > Backup & Export > Order Export

User Stats Report

Purpose: Packer performance stats like speed and number of items scanned.

Location: Settings > Backup & Export > User Stats Export

Password Recovery Email

Purpose: Receive an email to reset your password.

Location: Settings > Users & Permissions > (click on a username to open their settings)

Low Inventory Alert Email

Purpose: Receive notice of low stock

Location: Settings > System Settings  > General Preferences > Under Inventory Related heading

System Notifications and Billing Notifications

System Notifications include product export reports and other exports that are emailed, and notes sent from the Packer during packing and general notifications from the app.

Billing Emails include invoices and overdue billing notifications.

Both of these can be found by navigating to:
Settings > System Settings  > General Preferences > Under Confirmations and Notifications heading

*Note: If you are receiving a billing notification email to an address that is not listed in this location and a change is required, please contact support. In some cases, the contact info is stored by our processor and must be updated there.

Product Backup File

Used to backup products before making changes so you can restore if needed.