The on demand import is an optional feature which is recommended if you have a large number of orders importing with each import from ShippingEasy. Accounts with around 1k orders per import occasionally see timeouts that result in orders not making it into GroovePacker. The on demand option will try to import any order that is not found. If the order is found in ShippingEasy it will be imported and available shortly. This allows the packer to continue with the next order and then return to the previous order which will then be available.

To set up the on demand import you will need a special type of API key from your ShippingEasy account called a "store API" key. Here are the steps for creating it:

In ShippingEasy click on the Settings, then under Integrations click on Stores and Orders.

Here you use the "Add New" button (top right) to add a new store.

In the Platform dropdown you'll choose ShippingEasy API

You also need to enter your GroovePacker URL. This is the url that you use to access GroovePacker.

Enter your account name as shown below without the https:// 

After saving the changes you should find your new ShippingEasy store in the stores list. 

Your Store API Key will be available and can be copied to your clipboard by clicking the button beside it.

Adding your store API key to GroovePacker

In GroovePacker click on Settings and then click on the name of your ShippingEasy store in GroovePacker.

(if you have not created your regular API connection to ShippingEasy your store may not yet exist. This article shows how to create it.) 

Scroll down to the ShippingEasy credentials section and paste (ctrl-v) your Store API Key into the field.

Scroll down a little further and click the On Demand Import switch to enable it:

To complete the set up scroll to the bottom and Click Save and Close: