The method below has been depreciated in favor of a much smoother and more reliable workflow. Please see this article for information on using the ShipStation Create Label API to generate Shipping Labels without leaving GroovePacker.

If shipping labels are created after each order is packed, the barcode from the packing slip can be used to quickly find and display the order in ShipStation without typing in the order number. An ever better option is to use ShipStation's "scan to view" barcode because it eliminates the need to use the search bar and opens the order directly using a scan. 

If the packer is creating shipping labels in ShipStation on the same workstation where they are verifying the shipments with Groovepacker there is now an even faster option. They can use the Scan Pack Ship extension to automatically switch tabs from GroovePacker to ShipStation when scanning is completed in GroovePacker, and then automatically switch back after the Shipping Label is created in ShipStation. This extension relies on ShipStations current user interface. If changes are made to the ShipStation interface** it may be necessary to switch tabs manually.

In order to using the workflow you'll need either the "Scan to view" barcode or the Order number barcode on the packing slip.  

Setup Steps

Done once prior to using the extension the first time:

Install the extension: The extension must be installed on each computer where you'll be using it. You can download it from the Chrome web store here. Once the extension is installed, right click on it and choose manage extensions. In the details for the GroovePacker extension enable the option to run in incognito mode. Incognito mode is used to eliminate conflicts with other browser processes and extensions.

Enable the extension: Navigate to the Settings section in GroovePacker and click on your ShipStation store to open it's settings. Scroll to the bottom and enable the switch for the Scan Pack Ship extension. Next enable the "return to GroovePacker" switch just below.

Add either or both of the barcodes to your ShipStation packing slip: This article shows how to add the order number and scan to view barcodes to the packing slip template in ShipStation.

Done each day when shipping begins:

  • Open an incognito window of Chrome (ctrl-shift-N or command-shift-N on mac) [Note: If you do not have any conflicts or issue running in the regular version of Chrome incognito may not be necessary. If you have any trouble with tab switching or other issues please run in incognito.]
  • Log into GroovePacker in one tab
  • Log into your ShipStation account in a second tab, navigate to the orders section and choose Scan to Print from the More Actions drop down menu.

Using the Extension

  • Navigate to the Scan &  Pack section in GroovePacker and scan the barcode on the packing slip to display the order.
  • Scan each of the order items to complete the verification.
  • When the last order item is scanned the tab switching will be done automatically by the extension and you'll see the same order displayed in ShipStation in the Scan to Print window.
  • After clicking the "Create Label" button or using the "P" shortcut key the extension will return you to GroovePacker and you'll be able to repeat the process with the next order.

**Due to the nature of the extension we can not guarantee it will always be possible to switch tabs using this method but we will support this method as long as it is possible.