Yes, the setting is actually on the scanner.  By default, most scanners send the carriage return (enter key) immediately after the value. If not, this can usually be enabled or disabled on the scanner. Please check the scanner's user manual for how to enable sending a carriage return. Most manuals are available online but you may need to print the pages that contain the command barcodes.

Often a sequence of barcodes will be scanned to place the scanner in programming mode and then to set this post-scanning option to include the Enter key.

Once this is enabled it should work as expected. (no need to press enter) You can verify this by opening a spreadsheet or a text document and scanning the same barcode multiple times. When the carriage return is enabled properly one barcode will be output on each line vs putting them all on the same line.

If you have a Zebra scanner you can try this sequence below: