Exporting your current product data from GroovePacker takes only seconds. 

Start by clicking on the Products section from the main navigation.

Next, you'll select the products you would like to include in the export. There are a few options here. For example if you would like to export Every product in the system, click on the Show All link on the menu to the left.

Then click the "Select All" button.  If you're only exporting Active products you'll click Select All while viewing the Active list.

One commonly used option is Export only the items from the New list. This list is usually comprised of all of the items that are missing a barcode. Exporting them to a CSV makes it easy to add barcodes in bulk. To do this, navigate to the products section, Click the New list on the left hand menu, then click Select all.

Once the products are selected you'll choose "Export Products to CSV" from the edit dropdown menu.

You should then receive a email with the CSV attached. It will be sent to your System Notifications email address. This address can be found and modified by going to Settings > System Settings > General Preferences. The System notifications address should be listed there.