Normally a product CSV is used to update existing product data, add data, or add new products. This article shows the process.

You may need to clear a specific field, like the image URL, or the barcode for all items in GroovePacker or for a selection of items.

This can be done in bulk for many items very quickly using the product importer delete function.

Removing products data (keeping the products)

Please create a backup of your product data from Settings > Backup and Export > Backup and Restore before continuing so you can easily restore your current product data if needed.

Next, you can export the products you wish to modify to a CSV. Do this from the Products section. You can go to the Active products list or the Show All list and use the Select All button if you'll be modifying all products. If you'll be modifying all products of a specific category you may instead search for the category name and then use the Select all button to select the results. With your selection highlighted choose the "Export products to CSV" option from the edit drop-down. Save and open this file on your local workstation. You can open it with Excel or OpenOffice. Some products lead with zeros, to ensure that leading zeros will not be dropped off, select the Text data type from the choices given when opening the file.

To delete data, simply choose the fields you wish to delete and replace their current value with [DELETE]

(The brackets before and after need to be included.)

Once you enter [DELETE] into a cell in your spreadsheet editor, you can copy it, then create a selection of cells or select an entire column (exclude the column header from the selection) and paste it into all of the cells at once.

You can now map this column to the proper field and import the file.

Be sure to choose the Create and update product records option when mapping the file.

Any previous data that is now replaced by [DELETE] will be removed from GroovePacker when the file imports.

How to delete a list of products

If you have a list of discontinued items in an Excel sheet or CSV file and you would like to remove them you can do that as well.

Before you get started it's advisable to take a backup of your products described here.

Before you continue be sure that every SKU in the file is one that you would like to remove. The delete operation can not be undone.

The first step is to save your Excel file as a CSV so it can be imported. Next, open the file in the CSV product importer found in Settings > Store > Click on the CSV store name in the list of store connections to open it. The Product importer is the second importer in the list.

You'll only need to map the SKU column for this operation. In the mapping section at the bottom locate the SKU column and select "Remove this SKU" from the bottom of the list. Next click the import button and the SKUs should be removed.