If you print your shipping labels after packing each order, you can have GroovePacker open ShippingEasy in a popup and display the order you just finished packing. This video shows how to enable and use the feature.

*Update* Now it is possible to import orders from ShippingEasy's Ready to Ship list which streamlines this even further.

Pop up and print workflow:

Orders are first moved to the Ready To Ship list in ShippingEasy. This is often done when the packing slips are printed using their option to print packing slips and create shipments.

Then the import is run in GroovePacker.

 GroovePacker should be set to import only the Ready to Ship orders. This is done in the store settings page for ShippingEasy which can be found in Settings > Stores. 

Orders that are in the Ready to Ship list will be displayed by the popup automatically as the order scanning is completed in GroovePacker

Important: If you do not see the ShippingEasy popup pleas check that popups are not being blocked by your browser! You should only need to enable pop-ups from GroovePacker once (on each workstation).