Adding new products to your store is a regular occurrence so we've made the process of getting new items ready to scan in GroovePacker as quick and easy as possible.

In most cases items will be created automatically in GroovePacker during order imports and they will have the Product Name, SKU, and Product Image. Usually just the barcode is missing.

If you're adding a bunch of new items at once importing a CSV with the new SKUs and barcodes is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you're adding fewer items the barcodes can be added just before you pack the order. This is where the Fix Item List comes in.

 If you scan an order containing items which are missing their barcode you'll see a list of each item that needs a barcode.(see the image below)  

Just right-click in the barcode area and scan the correct product to add it's barcode in GroovePacker. When all items in the list have their barcodes added the order packing will being automatically.

 (Please note that the user will need "Product Edit" permissions in order to add a barcode. If they do not have permission to edit products they will need to scan another order to continue.)

To see a list of all products which require barcodes you can click on Products > New 

The product barcodes can be added right in the list.