In many cases you can leave click-scanning enabled for all items and monitor how often it's being used by checking your daily scanning report email. If missing or damaged barcodes are very rare, or if you continue to see the feature over-used you may decide to disable click-scanning for all items. This can be done using the switch beside the Per Product Setting button in the image below. If there a few items which are not barcoded and you wish to allow the use of click-scans for only those you can do so by following these steps:

1- Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Scan & Pack Options 

2- In the first section, click the Per Product Setting button beside Click Scanning.

Each product can either be set to On, Off, or On with confirmation. 

3- First, disable click scanning for all items by clicking the "Select All" button at the top of the '"Off" column.

4- Now, to enable click scanning you can click the "On" buttons beside specific items. 

The search can be used to find items by name, sku or barcode. 

5- Once your changes are made please click Save and Close to save your changes an close the window.

In the future if you need to change the setting for just one item you can do so using the setting switch on the product page for that item.