If you are seeing New TSKU items on each import there are two possible scenarios:

1- The TSKU is being removed from the product

When you first encounter a TSKU you may think it was a mistake or some strange data and just remove it. 

Because the TSKU is used in combination with the product name to identify the product it must remain as a sku associated with the product.

That said it does not have to be the primary or "display" sku, so you can add your preferred sku and drag it to the left most position in the products's sku field to make it primary.

2- The product name of the TSKU does not match the name of the product it is getting Aliased to

 The issue may be that the product name coming in with the TSKU does not match the product name of the item that the new TSKU is getting aliased to.

Let's take the item below as an example.

Organic BBQ Sauce is the name of the "Master" product that exists in GroovePacker which we are keeping.

Here's what I think is happening:

When the import runs we import a product with no sku and with a slightly different name, for example: BBQ Sauce - Organic

GroovePacker finds no sku on this item so it checks to see if a TSKU has ever been created for it before. It uses the only info it has which is the name.

When it checks all existing TSKUs in the system for the name  "BBQ Sauce - Organic" it find none because the existing product has the name "Organic BBQ Sauce"


It decides this must be a completely new product so it generates a new TSKU, assigns the name, marks it New because it has no barcode and continues importing.


Later you find a New product and identify it as an Alias of the existing "Organic BBQ Sauce" master product. It get's aliased and the process continues.


If this sounds right there are two possible solutions:


1- Modify the source of the order so a SKU is sent with the product name, this will solve the issue and any future issues that may be caused in other apps, but this may not be possible or feasible at this time. I would recommend this route if it's an option.


2- It should be possible to modify the name of the existing Master product so that it matches the incomming sku-less product. This will allow it to be matched up and no additional TSKUs will be generated.