It may be required to have your order manager or other source publish a file to an FTP server on a regular basis, after which GroovePacker can connect and import the data. This document will illustrate how to set this up in GroovePacker.


Before setting up and testing the FTP connection you'll need to have an example Order CSV that has been mapped. Our support team will be able to assist with the mapping of the file. If you would like to create the map you can find the steps here. Once the sample file has been imported successfully you're ready to create a connection to your FTP server. If you have any trouble with the steps below don't hesitate to contact support. If you find that you have trouble connecting to your FTP server with GroovePacker, please try using the same host and credentials with an FTP client like Filezilla. If the client is also not able to connect the issue is likely an issue with the FTP server, the login details, the port etc.

Creating the FTP Connection:

First, we'll create the connection between GroovePacker and a folder on your FTP server, so that GroovePacker can regularly download order files that are placed in that location.

1- Create or open your existing CSV store.

2- Turn on the 'FTP/SFTP Order Import' switch.

3- Next, enter in your server address (without the ftp:// portion), ie.

4- Enter in a trailing slash followed by the folder where you'll be placing your order files.

NOTE: You may not use the root of the FTP server. You must use a folder.

5- Enter in your username and password.

6- Hit 'Test Connection.'

7- You'll be presented with a success message like so: